“And the award goes to” – a PPM/PM/PMO retrospective of the past two years

While there might not be a King’s Speech amongst the articles I’ve written for this blog since its Inception, the effort of trying to be creative on a weekly basis could be perceived as True Grit, and those that can engage an audience on a domain that can be as academic and dry as PPM or PM are as rare to find as a Black Swan.

Punning aside, I felt it might be a good idea to highlight some of the articles I’ve felt were notable (in no specific order).

1. One of the many articles I wrote about my “pet” PMBOK knowledge area: Taking risk management seriously

2. I’m sure there’s more than seven, but I’ve encountered all of these at multiple clients: Seven deadly sins of scheduling

3. Agile is a mindset that can be applied to nearly any type of project: Applying agile principles to COTS implementations

4. A main cause of PMO failure is the inability to demonstrate tangible value – being more strategic can avoid that risk: Evolve or go extinct – taking PMOs beyond the Triple Constraint!

5. Why a purely financial-based approach is not ideal for valuating IT project portfolios: Challenges with achieving business value from technology projects

6. PPM is about process, technology & people, but it is facilitated with appropriate structure and process ownership: PPM without a PMO – exceptions do not make the rule

7. Too often, failure of projects, PMOs or improvement initiatives can be traced to poor leadership: Being a good leader means making hard decisions – especially when PPM/PM is concerned

8. Ten years ago, few companies were setting them up, now they are legion: Virtual PMOs – a survival guide

9. My vote for the #1 cause of schedule delays and budget overruns on knowledge-based projects: Building unpredictability with resource availability into project schedules

10. According to the groundhog (all of them) Spring is just around the corner, so tee it up with Five lessons that project managers can learn from golf

And to close out on a (only somewhat) tongue-in-cheek topic that had nothing to do with PPM, PM or change management:

11. Coffee, tea or anesthesia – this goes out to all the road warriors and frequent fliers







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