Work intake sins – take two

Whenever I find myself running short on ideas for posts, Scott Adams manages to fill the void!

Today’s Dilbert is a very apropos (albeit extreme) depiction of a work intake process gone horribly wrong:

Having a work intake process that does not scale is just one of the reasons that stakeholders could lose faith in the value of your PPM practices as per this earlier post.

To assess the “fit” of any new work intake process you are considering, you could test the new process on different types of work requests that have been recently submitted & approved and solicit feedback from the requestors on whether they felt the process was easier, more complex or the same as before.

However, the cartoon does show one good benefit of a consistent, institutionalized work intake process – staff have a means of defending themselves against unreasonable over-allocations.

Unless you have access to some good placebos (or a good con-man like Wally!), introducing a “one size fits all” work intake process will be one way to ensure that stealth projects continue to thrive!

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